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Registration Process

     1.  Login or Set up an Account      

  • This Account can should be set up under the Athlete or Participating Member
  • Alternatively for minors, a parent may set up an account and add the Athlete under their account name
  • Parents are required to accept waiver for minors.

     2.  Register as an INDIVIDUAL member according to your role as an ATHLETE/OFFICIAL/COACH or VOLUNTEER

  • Anyone who wishes to compete should first register as an ATHLETE, without this membership you will not be eligible to register for Competition Events.
  • Members who are OFFICIALS/COACHES or VOLUNTEERS must have multiple memberships for each role they partake in.
  • If you do not have a current membership it will be automatically added to your fees.
  • Those who have an existing membership should LOGIN and then await for administration to update your membership status, or contact us if it is not changed within a few days.

     3. As a registered member WushuCanada welcomes you to the family and you may now enroll in competition events, courses and programs.

  • Note that if your club or school is not yet a recognized club of WushuCanada, you may enrol as an Independent Athlete.  Encourage your club or school to look at the many benefits of Club Membership.
  • Your PHOTO is Mandatory, please upload in appropriate section.
  • All Sanda athletes will be required to upload their medical requirements prior to registering for events.
  • All events and age brackets will appear once you select your category of competition.
High Performance


Below are the events for 2019. Participants must have a HP Athlete Membership to enroll in HP and Sanda Events.  HP events are for intermediate to advanced level participants vying for position to qualify for national ranking, national team, multi-sport games, or international competition. All Other events are designed for  individual goal setting and the experience of competition.

Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Events

Routines and Ma San Jong